If you want to protect your car from theft, then RecovR™ Vehicle Theft Recovery System gives you extra peace of mind. If your car happens to be stolen, then its location will be tracked and communicated to law enforcement. The system is two parts: a wireless device and a mobile app. Whether driving around familiar Ohio roads or somewhere different, your car will be protected with this system. There are a few standout features we'd like to highlight about this incredible system.

Keep Track of Your Vehicle's Location Always

While this powerful system is designed to safeguard against thieves, it has more practical, day-to-day uses. If you've driven to Wheeling and forgot where you parked your car, then RecovR™ has your back. Your car's location is always stored in your app so that you can locate it wherever, whenever!

Geotarget Monitors

It can be stressful when your kids get behind the wheel. However, utilize the geotarget monitors to locate where your kids are driving. Especially if they happen to miss their curfew. You can also set up alerts if your vehicle is moved.

Extra Peace of Mind with Warranties

There is a limited warranty if your model is stolen and isn't returned, then you'll qualify to receive $5000 in cash. RecovR™ will also cover up to $1000 of your insurance deductible.

Hidden and Convenient

If you choose the RecovR™ Vehicle Theft Recovery System, we'll install it. Only you can access its location through the app and those you choose to share it with. The system is wireless and won't drain your car's battery. It also doesn't have to be recharged!

Get Your Next Vehicle and RecovR™ System Near Morgantown, West Virginia!

Ready to try the RecovR™ Vehicle Theft Recovery System? After browsing our new and used inventory online and selecting a model, make the short drive from Canonsburg to make your purchase and inquire about this system. Our qualified sales staff is available over the phone or online to answer your questions about the RecovR™ Vehicle Theft Recovery System or our inventory. Budd Baer Mazda is located in Washington, Pennsylvania, and is proud to serve St. Clairsville and the surrounding areas.