The Budd Baer Family

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Mark Baer
(724) 914-6666



Bryan Baer
General Manager
(724) 222-0700

Gregg Cron
General Sales Manager
(724) 914-6607

Adam Baer
Fixed Operations Manager
(724) 914-6621


Business Development

Ashley Matusky
Guest Relations Director
(724) 914-6685

At work: I've been the head of the Guest Relations Department for three years. My favorite thing about my job is that I get to learn something new every day. I believe that communication and attention to detail will get you far in life.

Away from the dealership: I enjoy cooking and bowling, but my favorite thing is to spend time away at my camp.

Jen Smith
Guest Relations Supervisor
(724) 914-6686

Troy King
Guest Relations Supervisor
(724) 914-6688

At work: I specialize in guest relations, between business development and the service department, I'm getting to be a jack of all trades, master of I don't know what.

Outside of the dealership: I enjoy a nice glass of scotch, poetry, and of course my beloved pal Baxter.

MaryLynn Byerly
Guest Relations Supervisor
(724) 914-6687

Michaela Basham
Guest Relations Supervisor
(724) 914-6689

At work: I love sharing information with customers! We have some really great vehicles and I enjoy surprising customers with details they didn't know before. I also work on the company web pages, which allows me to stretch my creative muscles.

Outside the dealership: I'm very crafty. I love to paint, color, cross stitch, and make beaded bookmarks. Anything creative!

Anthony Burney
Guest Relations Supervisor
(724) 914-6684



Tom Austin
Mazda Sales Manager
(724) 914-6632

At work: I've been in the car business for 15 years and of those I've spent the last 9 at Budd Baer. My favorite car to sell is the Miata.

Outside the dealership: My first car was a 1963 VW Bug. One of my current toys is a Miata.

Bruce Borrelli
Pre-Owned Inventory Sales Manager
(724) 222-6604

At work: I've been in the car business for over 40 years. My first car was a 1971 MGB GT.

Outside the dealership: I enjoy golfing and spending time with my grandkids. My personal motto for work and life is, "Be fair, be strong, be sure."

Rick Adams
Mazda Product Specialist
(724) 222-0700 ext 3709

Patrick Handyside
Mazda Product Specialist
(724) 222-0700 ext 3750

Bob Dulaney
Mazda Product Specialist
(724) 222-0700 ext 3700


Fleet & Commercial Sales

Mike Grefrath
Commercial Services
(724) 914-6625

At work: I'm proud to be starting my 11th year with Budd Baer's Fleet and Commercial Department! My first vehicle was a horse and buggy, but now I'm the proud owner of a Subaru Forester. My dream vehicle would be a GMC 3500 Crew Cab HD.

Away from the dealership: My farm is my life outside of work! I enjoy fishing and love spending time with my dogs, cats, cows, chickens, ducks, turkeys, pigs, and my beloved horses! My personal motto is "The only time to look down on someone is when you're bending over to help!" - Amish Proverb


F&I Department

Erica Higinbotham
F&I Administrator
(724) 914-6623

Susan Bresso
F&I Manager
(724) 914-6620

In the office Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Paul McKenna
F&I Manager
(724) 914-6622

In the office Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday

Christine Cunha
F&I Manager
(724) 914-6620

In the office Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday


Service Scheduling

Kelly Elliott
Appointment Coordinator
(724) 914-6683

At work: I work in the service department, but my other full-time job is being a mom.

Outside the dealership: My time spent away from my desk is spent being the #1 fan for my children at whatever sport/hobby they are doing.

Lauren Heath
Service Coordinator
(724) 914-6682

Pam Hunnell
(724) 222-0700 ext 3120

What I Do:
I have spent my entire automotive career (41 years) in the Service Department at Budd Baer. My motto is treat people the way you want to be treated. I try to apply that to all our customers.

Outside the Dealership:
In my spare time I like to cook, try out new recipes, take my dog for walks and joy rides as in my car.


Service Department

Rick Riggans
Mazda Service Adviosr
(724) 222-0700 x 3141

Alyssa Delaney
Express Service Advisor
724-222-0700 ext 3160

At work: I've been with Budd Baer since the start of 2017. I enjoy learning new things and more about cars.

Outside the dealership: I like to spend time with my son and go mudding in my Jeep.

Don Smith
Loaner Vehicle Manager
(724) 222-0700 ext 3739

At work: My favorite part of my job is bridging the gap between honest information and the customer. My personal motto is "Keep your head up or you'll never know where you are going."

Outside the dealership: I enjoy playing hockey, going to sporting events, and just being a father.

Brandon Ruetschi
Loaner Vehicle Manager
(724) 222-0700 ext 3111


Collision Center

Greg McVicker
Body Shop Manager
(724) 914-6624

Maniya Kennedy
Customer Service Specialist
(724) 914-6100 ext 3740

Bill Rodabaugh
(724) 914-6691

Larry Behanna
(724) 914-6100 ext 4005

Ed Ruffennach
Domestic Body Parts
(724) 914-6656

Ray Moore
Import Body Parts
(724) 914-6655

Mike Veltre
Assistant Parts Manager
(724) 914-6628

At work: I have been in the car industry ever since I graduated from high school and have been working on cars practically my whole life. I have been with Budd Baer since 2011. Customers are always 1st. Customer satisfaction is my #1 goal.

Outside the dealership: I am a total gearhead enjoying my motorcycle, dirt bike, boat, and jetski in my free time. Anything outdoors and sport related i.e. hiking, biking, kayaking, fishing, hunting. I live by a quote, "work hard, play harder."


Parts Department

Kevin Lane
Parts Manager
(724) 914-6616

Bill Gorby
Parts Administrator
(724) 222-0700 ext 3719

Frank Guzell
Parts Consultant
(724) 222-0700 ext 3733

Ryan Becka
Parts Consultant
(724) 222-0700 ext 3736

Ben Bastianini
Parts Consultant
(724) 222-0700 ext 3735

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