Mazda has continually redefined what it means to have efficient vehicles that deliver a lot of power. At Bud Baer Mazda, we are proud to tell you about the Mazda6 and the Mazda3. Both of these vehicles offer exceptional value, and you will be able to enjoy them fully on the streets of Canonsburg, PA. You will even be able to leave the roads and explore the entire area. The good thing about these vehicles is that they are fun and easy to drive. They also include a lot of innovative safety features. It means your driving experience will be exciting, and you will be able to enjoy the entire experience.

The Mazda3

The great thing about this vehicle is that it comes in both hatchback and sedan form. It means you get to have the ultimate choice of how you want to explore Washington, PA. Both choices will bring about many extra features that you don't get on many other vehicles. The main feature is the optional AWD that is tuned to perform extremely well. You also get multiple trims to choose from, meaning you will easily be able to find the model that fits your needs. The hatchback includes a lot of features that will make driving super easy.

The Mazda6

If you are looking for a more premium Mazda sedan, you will love the Mazda6. What makes this model so special is the upgraded interior and new technology. You also get integration with Android and Apple products. It means you have all the entertainment you need while exploring Canonsburg, PA. It also means you will be able to drive quite comfortably. It includes many safety features that give you a good view of everything going on around your vehicle. On top of that, you have multiple trim levels to choose from, meaning you always get the specific vehicle you want.

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