If you've ever had a flat tire, you're probably experienced with a compact spare, also known as, a "donut." They can be pesky to change, but they'll get the job done until you're able to get into the dealership. Budd Baer Mazda also wants to make you aware of a great alternative.

A full-sized spare offers you a little more flexibility when it comes to timing. You'll be able to drive at normal speeds, and you won't have to get to the dealership as quickly for a replacement or repair. However, you'll need to set aside room for the tire and the proper hardware to change it.

A temporary compact spare tire is reasonable if you're unable to give up any cargo room, or you don't mind driving at a slower speed. Budd Baer Mazda is happy to check out your vehicle and provide you with our feedback. We wish you a great and safe driving season and hope to see you soon.



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