These days, it’s all too easy to let things like vehicle maintenance slide. However, your car still needs the same care and attention it always has, and Budd Baer Mazda is here to help. Your Washington, PA Mazda service center offers state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that the job is always done right, and our online service scheduling allows you to get in and out quickly for most basic service needs.

Schedule Your Oil Change Today!

Even if you are driving fewer miles than normal, it is still important to keep up with your oil changes at least every six months, and more frequently if you are often in stop & go traffic. Even with a lack of miles, each heat cycle your oil goes through will break it down slightly, and you’ll eventually want to replace that oil with a fresh batch to ensure your engine is always properly protected.

Get Ready for That Summer Road Trip

You may not be able to take a plane to the Bahamas at the moment, but you can still enjoy a fun-filled summer vacation without leaving the U.S.. Pack your bags and your masks and head out on a long summer road trip to take in the great sights that our country has to offer. Whether you’re headed east to explore the Atlantic coast, going south through the Appalachians, or out west to explore the plains and Rockies, bring your vehicle to our service center before your journey and we’ll make sure it’s ready for the miles ahead.

Schedule Your Service Today!

The best part about servicing at our Washington PA service center is that you can schedule your appointment from the comfort of home! Use our online service scheduling tool to easily set up your next appointment date and time, let us know what you need done, and even arrange alternate transportation if your service is expected to take more than an hour or two!

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