The Mazda CX-9 represents an ideal fusion of toughness and sophistication. This popular 3-row SUV looks like a luxury vehicle, handles like a sports car but proudly offers safety features fit for the whole family. This vehicle is by far one of our favorites here at Budd Baer Mazda. Here are two safety features that explain why.

Advanced Smart City Brake Support

Commuting through Washington or even the suburbs has its unique challenges, especially during rush hour. The Mazda CX-9's Advanced Smart City Brake Support works at all driving speeds, including parking lot driving speeds. It detects cars and pedestrians in front of you, adjust pads for more efficient braking, or it brakes for you if it detects an imminent impact.

Mazda Radar Cruise Control

Maintaining minimum safe distance between yourself and vehicles around you is tricky on busy or congested roads. Radar Cruise Control maintains a set minimum following distance, helping you slow or stop in legal and safe accordance with traffic ahead of you.

Treat yourself to a test drive today, and see why we can't stop talking about the Mazda CX-9.



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