Two Safety Features Turning Heads in the New Mazda3 Sedan

Our crew here at Budd Baer Mazda are excited to spotlight the new Mazda3 sedan. The reason for the growth in popularity of this compact car is due to the abundance of safety features throughout the car that motorists find helpful.

Once you get the new Mazda3 out on the road, the Blind Spot Information System starts monitoring traffic behind you. If another vehicle moves into one of the adjacent lanes in your blind spot, your side mirror flashes so you know which side of the car you'll need to move with caution to change lanes.

The way that the Lane-Keeping System works in the Mazda3 is similar to the other system, except the sensors scan the position of the car compared to the position in the lane lines. If drifting outside the lines occurs, then your steering wheel vibrates so you are made aware that you need to adjust your location quickly.



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