Don't Tread Lightly: Learn How to Read Tire Sizes

At some point you have probably noticed the number markings on the sidewall of your car's tires. You are correct in assuming that these numbers represent the size and type of tire. They also indicate how a tire might perform of how much weight it can carry.

Every car owner should learn how to read these markings. The first character is usually a " P" which tells you it is a P-metric sized tire. This is the typical measurement in the U.S. However; if you are dealing with a tire for a light truck, there will be an " LT" at the beginning of the marking. Next will be a three-digit number that represents the width from sidewall to sidewall. The middle two numbers indicate the height of the sidewall. The final two tell you what size wheel fits the tire.

There are several other types of markings that may appear on car tires. If you need help understanding which tires you need on your vehicle, contact Budd Baer Mazda for more help. The Parts and Service Centers both have knowledgeable representatives that can help you out with any tire sizing questions. If you need to replace your tires, we’re happy to order the right set for you as well! Stop in and learn more today!

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