Cooling System Back-to-School Service for Your Vehicle

The biggest reason why it is so important to get the cooling system checked in your vehicle this upcoming school season is because it is made up of so many important parts. These are a few of the areas of the cooling system your service center mechanic will check.

The radiator fan must be operating perfectly to help cool down the fluids as they are being pushed through the radiator. If the best is worn or loose, it could compromise the system.

The water pump is constantly moving the engine coolant around so it gets to those moving parts within the block. The mechanic will not only check the belt is operational, they will check for leaks that result when the bearings go bad.

The thermostat will be tested to ensure it can regulate the temperatures inside the engine.

Get piece of mind by scheduling your back-to-school coolant system check-up with Budd Baer Mazda today!

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