Mazda6: Braking and Control Power

Mazda6 is a popular midsize sedan because of its many safety features. This Mazda has advanced braking technology coupled with traction and handling power.

The Mazda6 has anti-lock brakes, which keep the tires from locking when you are braking. If the tires do not lock up, the wheels can maintain contact with the ground. Working with this system is the electronic brake force distribution. A stopping technology, which senses when one wheel needs more braking power than another does.

If you have ever needed to brake immediately, you know how crucial it is to step on the brakes hard and fast while still maintaining control. Mazda’s brake assist helps the driver get through those difficult moments. The emergency system helps the driver stop faster with control.

All of this stopping power is mixed with stability. The dynamic traction and control feature helps with cornering and skidding.

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