Proper Alignment is Essential to a Great Drive

If your vehicle pulls to one side when you're driving in Washington, PA, that's a sign that it's time for a wheel alignment. A number of situations can cause your vehicle to go out of alignment, including large potholes, rough road and occasionally hitting curbs and medians.

Lack of proper alignment can cause uneven tire wear and shorten the life of your tires. It can also cause you to constantly correct your steering, causing you added stress when driving. Other signs of misalignment include vibration in the steering wheel.

Don't drive your vehicle with bad alignment. Bring it into the service department at Budd Baer Mazda for an inspection and complete alignment services. Your vehicle will once again drive like new as it will have better gas mileage and handling and grip the road better, giving you a more comfortable ride. Stop by today to schedule your appointment.



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