Avoiding Engine Coolant System Problems

Your car has an extensive part system that helps to keep it cool and running properly. This cooling system consists of the radiator, fan, hoses and the water pump. If part of this system malfunctions, your car may overheat and be damaged.

In order to prevent your engine getting too hot, you need to maintain your vehicle's cooling system properly. Whenever you are in for regularly scheduled maintenance, make sure that the mechanics check the belts and hoses for wear and damage. You should also have your cooling system flushed according to your car manufacturer's guidelines. This will help to keep the system in good working order and avoid overheating.

If you live in Washington, PA, and you need your car's cooling system flushed, contact the staff here at Budd Baer Mazda. The service department can provide cooling system maintenance, and they can repair or replace individual parts of your cooling system that may need attention.



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