Pay Attention to the Warnings on Your Dash

There are many warnings that you may get on the dash of your vehicle. Most of them are just reminders that you need to get your oil changed or you need to shut a door since it is ajar. If you get a message that indicates that there is a problem with your engine, battery, or your transmission, you need to bring your vehicle to us here at Budd Baer Mazda right away to get the issue resolved. You never want to ignore your indicator lights, or you could risk damage to your ride.

The whole point of having indicator lights in your vehicle is to warn you if there is a problem that you would otherwise be unaware of. If you pay attention to your indicator lights and get your vehicle serviced right away, you can save yourself some expensive repairs and the headache of having a breakdown. So be sure to keep an eye out for any unexpected blips on your dashboard!

For more information about the lights on your dashboard, consider making a visit to our showroom at 71 Murtland Avenue!

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